24 February 2019

Going back to class

Hi, my beautiful people ??? 
Animated for one more beautiful inspiration LeAnn's World 101? Well, this month's theme is: Back to School.
Here in Brazil the school period is starting and thinking about it I chose to do for you a project that shows this ... I chose the beautiful Jennifer, and I made a doorknob ornament with her ...
Here at home I have 2 pretty girls already in college, and they are very studious ... still good. I think they look like our Jennifer, do not they?
This is my project for you:

I retired 5 years ago, but still spend as much time as possible reading. 

Thank you for stopping by today. There is still time to enter your creation in the challenge.

Have a great day.

Claudia Martins

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  1. Thus is super cool I I’ve your coloring and the idea!!!